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Aidan, I remember when I met you at Inviso and it’s been a joy to come alognside you and witness your growth at King’s ever since. I am so proud of you, and look forward to working with you not just as a student, but as a professional. Congratulations!

— Prof. Virginia Pike


  • The King’s College Presidential and Leadership Scholarships
  • Faculty Assistant to Professor of Media Studies, Communication, and Humanities Dr. Steve Salyers (FA 2021 – SP 2022)
  • DeVos Housing Security Assistant
  • Empire State Tribune Podcast Host (FA 2021 – SP 2022)


House of Ronald Reagan

Notes for Aidan


What a joy it has been for me to watch you grow, live, finish and graduate… CONGRATULATIONS! I suspect that those of us who know you will be watching you do some incredible things. I need not tell you that your God given talent has been a blessing to us all. I look forward to seeing what you do in the next chapter of your life.

God bless you!

Your friend,



I’m so glad we had a year to work closely together. It has been rewarding to know you outside of the classroom.

Your giftedness is astounding to me. I’m eager to see you blossom in music and acting on stage and screen. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney



My man– my first friend when I got here and I could have never imagined how close we would get. You have consistently been my brother and one of my best friends. Our late-night chats, inside jokes, and all the advice you have given me will never leave me. I love you brother and don’t forget me when you make it big 😉

Aidan it’s been so neat to watch you grow and influence the men around you these past few years. I know that the energy and emotional depth that you bring to your performances on stage are the result of a very rich intellectual understanding that you have developed by absorbing the wisdom of others and through teaching and guiding those who come after you. All the best in your theatre career!

Aidan, You are so freakin talented! Face, voice, HAIR—you’re a triple threat. I am sooooo excited to see where you go next! See you on stage.

Congratulations, Aidan! I feel so lucky to be able to call you my friend. I’ll miss seeing you around at school but I’m so excited to see where your music takes you. Be sure that I’ll be in the front row when you make your Broadway debut!


You have the voice of an angel and the smile of a salesman. Not like a sleazy salesman but one that sells things that are beneficial to society. It has been great getting to know you and seeing you perform. I remember the first time I heard you sing. I consider it to be the first time I heard a Broadway singer in person. I cannot wait to see what you do with your talents, and I cannot wait until I can afford NYC theater tickets so I can come and see you!

Wishing you the best of luck even though you will do well without it,


Aidan!!! You’re so incredibly talented. I’m so happy I got to get to know you better in our lovely little acting group. You will be missed at Kings. Thanks for always being the best Kevin <3 Can’t wait to see you up on stage one day! Congrats on graduating!!

You already know how much you’ve impacted my life since freshmen year. Thank you for always being there for me and don’t forget to bring Ashton into town so we can be menaces together 🙂

Congrats, Aidan! I’ll miss our meetings and being able to hear your latest, but so excited to see all that the Lord has ahead for you!

You are the most wonderful human being I adore you so much. Congratulations!!


So proud of you! You have stayed true to yourself and followed the calling of your heart, which not a lot of people can say. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Like I’ve always told you from when you were 15-16 years old and will continue to role you, “Never stop singing!”


Thank you for being the sage in our ragtag group of guys! Your presence among those around you is greater than you know. We all are very proud of how you took on King’s and know you will do the same in your pursuits after graduation. We will all miss you. “Nice.”

Congratulations Aidan!! I’m so very proud of you and all your accomplishments! You’ve always been my Super Star! You are so very talented and I’m sure you will go very far in reaching the dreams you hold for your future. 🎼 🎸 🎫 🎭
OoL always!

So proud of you. You have turned out to be an amazing adult. I wish you the best for your future and know you will go far in whatever you choose to do.

Love Ya,

Aidan! You are seriously so talented and so kind and I am so happy for you and proud of you. Congratulations!

A joy of the past nine years has been spending time doing projects with you. I appreciate your voice and stage skills. I think your character is your greatest position. It will take you places when people and situations fail you. Few people have the depth and prospective you practice. I look forward to watching use the tools with which you have been given by your Faithful Creator!

WE LOVE YOU! Ever since we met you, we knew you’d be a star! Now, you’re already practically there. You are such a genuine, kind, talented person and when you hit it REALLY BIG, make sure everyone knows we were in shows with you!! <3

I was proud to have you join me on some of my tours and Parades. You were and are a very special person. The memories we shared will never be forgotten. Wishing you much success on your journey in life. Take care Kemo Sabay and stay in touch.

Congratulations to a very talented actor, singer and entertainer. The first time I heard you sing in Les Miserables I knew you would go far, and you are on your way. Prayers for a beautiful life journey. Cheryl

Congratulations Aiden! We really enjoyed your concert. We were able to watch through Zoom. Your voice was wonderful when you were in high school and to hear how it has matured even more was a treat. Always keep the Lord as your guide, don’t let anyone steal your joy, persevere when things get tough, and go get ‘em!

Congrats, Aidan! I’m so glad that you opted to go to King’s with our little “theater program” and invested in it so wholeheartedly. Best of luck in whatever postgrad life brings and remember that you will always be a performer, even if you’re not always actively performing.

AIDAN! I really enjoyed getting to know you in this last little bit of senior year. Thank you for teaching me the ropes of housing and for always being there for me. You’re the best paper passer in all the school. I cant wait to watch you take off in your career post grad. Remember me when you’re famous!

Love you! Ken

Aidan, we are so proud of you. All of your accomplishments, your beautiful voice, your other talents and just you. And to think you did it all in just three years. We were very proud of your concert. Your singing was excellent and the manner with which you conducted the entire program was very professional. As we look back over the years, it has been a joy watching you grow and mature. And now to see you graduating as a fine young man brimming with talent. We pray God’s blessings on you as you begin your trek into the adult world. We know you will do well.

From two of the people who have known you the longest, with love
Mom-Mom and Grand-Pop


It has been a great pleasure to me watching you grow into your boots and spurs. You’ve a wonderful life ahead of you. Cherish the little things you find, love and enjoy the people around you. Keep your saddle cinched tight.

CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND! I am so happy for you and SO proud of what you have accomplished!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. I am so glad that the stage brought us together. It’s been a privilege to work with you, and I can’t wait to work with you again buddy!

Congrats Aidan! Had a great time in classes with you! Keep singing !

Aidan. Congratulations! You are an amazing young man! Ed and I wish you many blessings as you begin a new chapter in the book of life. Follow your dream! Ed and Denise

Aidan, we are so proud of you! It has been amazing to get to know you these past two years, and get to witness your many talents and your gift of kindness. Cedric loves you and all the kids you’ve had a chance to perform for as Captain America and other characters have been so inspired by you. Keep using your talents to glorify God above all. Hoping we can keep working together, although I’m sure you’ll be busy with Broadway or something! Congrats again!

Ever since I first met you (you were wearing a little knit hat and smiling up at me in the hospital) I have been bowled over by your just being you. Watching you grow up into the fine young man you have become has been a true privilege. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories from your youth! And I look forward to enjoying many new memories as you move forward in your career. Success for you is a given. Always remember to stay true to yourself. Congratulations on this terrific accomplishment on graduating from college. Big hugs and much love, Uncle Billy

Congrats Aidan!!!!! To my first friend when I moved to DE, I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do. You are extremely talented, smart, and understanding with all situations you come across. So happy for you!

Aidan! i’m so proud of you. grateful to know you and very happy to call you my friend. we did it! now on to even better things 🤍

Aidan!! It has always been an honor to be your Voice Teacher, Director, and Friend. Im so proud of who you are and how you challenge yourself- you work hard, and deserve to feel the joy and respite of accomplishment. I am excited to work with you in the future and continue rooting for you in ALL things! Follow your heart, even when its scary or uncertain! God gave you your dreams and talents for a reason!! Congratulations!

Congratulations to a very talented young man! Your concert was perfection! I can’t wait to see what comes next !
God Bless 💙

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