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Amelia, I have been delighted to witness your growth into an outstanding poet of singular beauty. I’ve been blessed having you as a student in my poetry and fiction classes. I will miss you.

— Prof. Lynda Kong


  • The King’s College Dean’s List
  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship


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Notes for Amelia

AMELIA!!!! you did it!!! so so so proud of you – i know you haven’t had the easiest go of things but you freaking stuck it out through thick and thin. GOOD JOB <3 <3 <3 <3

Way to go sister! I’m so proud of you and glad to see you walk across that stage! Congratulations!!!! You will do so many great things!

Congratulations on all your success and this big victory! Cheers to you!

Congratulations on all your achievements, Amelia! You stayed the course and now, you’ve crossed the finish line!

AHHHHH!! You did it! You should be over the moon proud of yourself and you MUST celebrate big! I’m so so glad to have met you. You’re one of the best thing King’s brought me. Love you forever!

Amelia you are an incredible human being! I’m super proud of you and can’t believe I get to be your mama. Your future awaits you! Carry-on! I love you. God bless you and your amazing artistry!

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