Brent Buterbaugh

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Cum Laude
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Mr. President: It was a pleasure to study American politics with you and to see your thoughtful advocacy for the student body in meetings each week this year. Well done and best wishes!

— Dr. Matt Parks


  • Student Body President (2021-2022)
  • The King’s Council Director of Student Organizations (2020-2021)
  • House of C.S Lewis Chamberlain (2019-2020)
  • King’s Debate Society Vice President (2019-2020)
  • Faculty Assistant to Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies Dr. Benjamin G. White (2020-2022)
  • Admissions Tour Guide (2019-2020)
  • Lead Admissions Tour Guide (2021-2022)
  • Admissions Guest Experience Assistant (2021)
  • Business and Digital Publish Intern at National Review


House of C.S. Lewis

Notes for Brent

You have been an excellent representative of the College, Brent. What a pleasure to observe your “presidential” interactions at PCab and otherwise. Your thoughtful, kind, deliberate ways have served you well. I always appreciated your candor and insightful perspectives. Thank you as well for giving tours to donors and joining in the lunches. I will miss you next year but know that God has great things in store for you, in big ways and small.

Thank you for serving and loving King’s so well, Brent! There are countless ways that we’ve seen your leadership, humility, and joy. Thankful you walked the halls of King’s and left such an impact on so many. May God bless you richly!

Jeremiah 29:11

Brent, you are one of the most enthusiastic, service-hearted students I’ve ever encountered at King’s. You are always so quick to rise to the occasion and have an encouraging word or high-five on hand for anyone who needs it. It’s been a source of pride for me as an alum to watch you lead the student body this year and eagerly set up and support the next generation. Your enthusiasm and sincerity will serve you so well wherever you go, and be truly missed here. Congratulations!

Congrats, SBP! I’m so glad I got to work with you in different areas at King’s. I’m so proud of your leadership in this community. Wishing you the best always!

Congrats Brent! Thank you for your outstanding leadership! It was a pleasure working with you, many blessings!

Brent – thank you for everything you’ve done for the King’s community. I didn’t have the chance to work with you much in person, but the fruit is evident. Congratulations on a job well done. And thank you for stumbling upon my drone in the lake at Fall Retreat!

Brent, congrats on graduating, and thank you for all you’ve done for King’s. Don’t be a stranger.


I am thrilled to be a witness of this milestone in your life. Not only are you graduating, but you are graduating having used your four years of college to know more about God, His world, how to serve in it faithfully, and the unique blessings (and challenges) that brings. I’m cognizant that you gave so much of yourself to the college and the student body and that is not lost on me. I am thankful that your desire is to seek first the Kingdom of God and HIs righteousness. Be assured that all other things will be added unto you – in ways you will never expect and to such a degree that you will say, “my cup runneth over.” Enjoy your special day and move confidently to your next sphere of service and study in life with the abiding conviction that the most thrilling and satisfying life comes in the path of glorifying and enjoying God now as a foretaste of what that will be forever. So it is with deep appreciation for you that I say, Congratulations!

Your friend,


Well done, Brent! I’m so glad Tyler Cochran recruited you all those years ago and that you were willing to ditch another midwest college for the big city. We have never been the same since your arrival and The King’s College is better because of your service! Go forth and do well, friend.

Brent, many congrats to you! Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and service these past four years–and thank you for bringing back Fall Retreat! I look forward to seeing all that you accomplish in post-grad life. May God surprise you in the best way during this new chapter of life–wishing you all the best!

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33)


You served your community so well alongside your brilliant team. Congrats on graduating, and be happy to know I won’t be texting you anymore to unlock White’s office every Wednesday morning! 🙂

It has been such a pleasure to call you a friend, a fellow brother of Clive and SBP. You have served our community well and I am certain you have only good things ahead!
– Connor Dean

Brent! Hey dude. A huge congratulations on this next milestone. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you’re going to be very successful in whatever you do. Well done!

Congrats, Brent! It’s been such a great privilege to be a part of your journey from the very beginning as a Dual Enrollment student, all the way through to SBP. So proud of you and all that the Lord has accomplished through you in these years. Looking forward to hearing of your continued service to Him and to those He places around you.

It’s been one of the greatest joys of my college experience to do work and life and frisbee and hard things and fun things with you. Your strength is built of bricks and your heart is made of marshmallow fluff. More shenanigans soon? I look forward to trying out the real world with you too. For now, Dwight Schrute said it best:

Brent, thanks for being a good friend to our son, Chris. I was great to have you visit! All the best in your future endeavors!

Congrats Brent! You have been such a vital part of King’s and have made a tangible impact during your time. It’s been such a joy to see you grow and love so many people so well!

Thank you for leading our school in a positive direction. You are a man who truly cares for others around him. You are a born leader and follow through with what you say you will do. Thank you for caring about the important things. This place will feel much different without you, but I foresee great things for you in the future!


Your love and dedication to King’s has been evident from my first visit to campus. Thank you for all of your help this year! Congratulations!

I had such a fun semester in PWS, probably one of my favorite classes I’ve had at Kings. Thank you for making us laugh every week! Wish you the best!

Brent! You were one of my first friends at King’s and certainly the first student I met that loved cameras and drones as much as I did. I have loved seeing how you transformed King’s over the last four years. But even more so, I have loved seeing how King’s transformed you. You have grown into such a hardworking and humble leader. It’s inspiring. Keep using that camera for good!

There are too many things to thank you for individually, so I’ll sum it up in one HUGE THANK YOU! It was a pleasure to have you on the admissions team and I’m so grateful for you! And congratulations! You’ve left your mark on King’s in such positive ways. Well done. I wish you all the best in your next adventure!

Brent, thank you for being such a good friend over the past few years. It’s been encouraging to see you grow as a person and a leader. Beyond excited for softball league!!

Brent, I am very thankful to call you my friend. The time, effort, and care you put into this community has paid off more than you know. Your dedication to compassion and honor in all you do has been incredibly inspiring and encouraging to me. The labor was not in vain.
Cheers and blessings!

How are you graduating?!?! It feels like just last week you were a lil Inviso ambassador ready to take on the world. You have served your King’s community so well, Brent, and I know there will be a lack on the campus without you around. Keep doing hard things! You’re a rockstar!

Oh man where to begin man, first of all it’s been an absolute honor getting to know you ever since becoming roomies. You are a dedicated person that genuinely cares about others in a way I haven’t seen before. Nothing but respect for you. Traveling Europe, playing frisbee, and watching Barry together have made college so much fun. Love ya bro – Eli

Brent! Thanks for leading and loving this community at King’s so well! You’ve set the bar high, and have inspired those around you to do the same. Congrats on graduating!

Brent, you are one of the first faces I associate with King’s, and you have quite literally changed the course of so many people’s lives by convincing us all to come to King’s. But what I admire most about you is you didn’t just care about us coming to King’s but you continue to invest in every peer you interact with. You are more than prepared for the real world. Grace to you regardless!!

Brent, As someone who likes to think that I’m able to juggle a lot, I’m constantly amazed when I hear you talk about all that you’re doing: and what’s more, doing well! It’s easy to get bogged down in tasks, and I admire how you’re able to remember the people behind the tasks too. I’m so glad we’ve been able to be church buddies this year as well as school buddies, and I can’t wait to see where you end up post-grad!


Congratulations, I am so happy for you.

May the LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.

Congrats, Brent! Glad I decided I wanted to be friends with you…again. Can’t wait for summer in the city!!!


Jk. It’s been a wild four years man, and I can’t believe we shared the same, often tiny (and messy, thanks) space through it all. Sad that we couldn’t keep our original two roommates around for all four years, but I’m also pretty glad we ended up with the ones we did. Thanks for being my brethren and teammate in the House of Lewis, and for always being the roommate with a grip on logistics.

XY Forever.

Brent, good luck with everything you do in the future. Its been a pleasure working with you through Student Development, and you’ve represented the student so well as SBP. Congratulations!

Brent, I’m so grateful for the investment you’ve made in our church family. I wish that I had been as involved and proactively serving in a church as you have with Apostles Church Brooklyn. I’m excited to see what the Father has ahead of you and confident in the man you are. Honored to witness this next stage of your journey.

Thank you for your dedication to the House of Lewis and to King’s. Your fix-it attitude prompts those around you to pour into their community instead of just complaining about it. This school is certainly better off right now because of you, but I think your work will continue to benefit the school for years to come in ways we can’t predict.

Don’t forget where it all started. Don’t forget your roots. Honored to witness your growth from a doe-eyed inviso baby into a kind and generous leader. Every institution you are a part of is made better by you. Onward!

Brent, congrats on graduating Mr President! So grateful for you and excited to see where the next season of life takes you. More so, excited to get more time together. Enjoy today!

Congratulations Brent! If it wasn’t for you giving me my Inviso tour, I may never have come to TKC. I’m inspired by your dedication to the House of Lewis and the King’s College. People like you are what makes this Institution what it is. I’m also thankful that I’ve been able to call you my friend.
Let’s go to an Island soon and celebrate.


From consoling my fears of finding a suit before NSO to giving me wisdom as I navigated Exec this year, you’ve been a steadfast presence over the past three crazy years. I’ve been a first hand recipient of your welcoming presence and brotherhood from the beginning to end of my time at King’s.

It’s been a joy to see the (albeit messier) behind the scenes of your leadership these past two years and to witness the care you have for the community but also for individuals. You’re a man of courage and integrity and our community will quickly feel your absence next year.

I’m continually thankful to have ended up in the big same city, at the same small school, in the same house, and eventually in the same apartment as you. Grateful to do life alongside you, Brent. Love you.

Congratulations to the good man who speaks well and has a chest! Continue to to serve others with the many gifts God has given you and you will be blessed as you bless others.

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