Bryce Barnes


Cum Laude

Thanks for coming to King’s, Bryce. You’ve been a benefit to us all. I hope you’ll keep me informed as to your reading after graduating.

— Dr. Joshua Kinlaw


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • President of the Click
  • President of the Troubadour
  • Dean’s List Four semesters


House of Ronald Reagan

Notes for Bryce

Bryce, one of my favorite memories of my time at King’s so far was getting a random email from two first-year students in Foundations of Politics asking if I’d like to see “The Joker” in theaters with them. Congrats to you on your graduation!


You have worked hard to reach this point and your enthusiasm is only matched by your diligence. Those qualities are infectious. Stay the course and serve the One who made you in His image. The house of Reagan loves you and you will be missed. Stay in touch and I look forward to seeing you serve and grow in God’s Kingdom.


Your friend,


Godspeed in your next steps. Keep investing in music along with your other passions!

Congratulations, Bryce! Thanks for always making everyone in this community felt welcome and heard. Have said it 1 million times and will say it again — you’re one of the best people I know. Keep doing amazing things!

Bryce, you are the most jacked guy at King’s and also a king. Well done

Dear Bryce,

I’m excited to see where God will lead your creativity and dedication in each aspect of your life. I’m blessed to have met and known you at my time here, and I will never forget our seemingly random (yet funny) interactions. Congratulations on graduating, my friend!!!!!

PS Thanks for walking through Johnson’s PBI with me! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

love, jet


You are a great friend, roommate, and man. Your influence on the people around you is more than you know. We will all miss you. Good luck on your path to join the Episcopal Church.

HUGEEE congrats on graduating Bryce!! So happy we have the same great taste in colleges, and I’m so so excited to see what you do next. I’m sure I’ll see you around 😁 Bless up as always

Congrats Bryce! So fun working with you on the Click and in Lit classes.

Bryce, I do not know you but as an old TKC grad of ’67 I found that Proverbs 3:5,6 is something to cling to no matter what happens in your life. Try it, I am sure you will like it. Now, go out and live for Him always!

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