Diego Herrera

Business Management

Diego, I really appreciated your enthusiasm and insights in Business in NYC this semester. I now know more than I ever have about the sports world and appreciate your sharing your experiences. Wishing you all the best in your next chapter of life!

— Dr. Kimberly Reeve


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • 2018 Varsity Men’s Soccer
  • Marketing, Ticket Sales, and Events Intern at the Professional Fighters League (PFL)


House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Notes for Diego

– Don’t be afraid to fail; failure shows you the path to success
– Seek advice and support from trusted advisers
– Be kind to yourself
– Stay close to God. He already knows your path; pray and ask Him for strength and wisdom to stay on it
– Express thanks and gratitude daily
– Do the work

The Grateful Dead’s lyric, “What a long, strange trip it’s been” sums up the last few years. Add-in the pandemic and Sinatra’s lyric, “You can make it anywhere” rings more prescient than ever. Congratulations — it’s your time to shine!

We are over the top proud of you and excited for you and your achievement! Looking forward to celebrating with you. Enjoy the moment.

Love you ~ Mom, Natalia & Dad

Congratulations Diego! So proud of all that you’ve overcome. Sky is the limit for you! Excited to continue to watch you excel and cheer you on from the sidelines.

Diego congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!

Warmest Congratulations on your college graduation and BRAVO on your well deserved success!

Believe in your dreams….it will take you everywhere! ♥️ God will be with you on your new path every step of the way.

Our Love,
Cousin’s Linda, David & family

Querido Diego , no solo eres bueno para estudiar, o para los deportes, antes que nada eres un extraordinario ser humano, felicidades por tu graduación, todos sabemos que te va a ir muy bien , te mando un abrazote , espero verte pronto. Atte Pepe Rodriguez

Congrats Diego!!!! Now life begins. Start fast and never stop. You have YPO legacy to achieve.

Diego, so much to say but the best is you’ve made our family very proud as you graduate from King’s College this week and take your next BIG step forward. Just do you part to keep the Herrera legacy alive. There are others to follow.

We love you like no other and wish you the very best. May the Good Lord bless you and continue to be with you always.

Grandma & Grandpa
May 2022

Congratulations Diego!! May all your ventures be fruitful and exciting. The world is yours.

Diego, finalmente llegas a una meta más, te gradúas. Tu historia estará llena de metas y logros, que hay que alinear a tu propósito o sentido de vida: que sea siempre buscar el bien para ti, para tu familia y tu sociedad. Dios te llene de bendiciones para que puedas cumplir tu propósito en este mundo.
Muchísimas felicidades por tu gran logro!!!!
Te admiro mucho y te quiero más.
Tu tía Mónica

Wow! I am so excited for what the future holds for you Diego. Congratulations on graduating – what a major milestone. Wishing you so much success and happiness for the chapters that lay ahead.

PS: Ferrari golf cart as a present? 😂

Debo! I can’t believe this day is already here! I still remember your days my rambunctious little cousin, and now you sit on the cusp of true adulthood. We are very proud of you and are excited for your future. Figuring out what to do next is not an enviable task for any young person coming out of college. But just know, many have made the journey and that wisdom can be a very helpful resource when navigating life’s inevitable twists and turns.

Love you, kid.

Bobby, Deniz, Robert & Alex

Congratulations! We are incredibly proud of you . Relish in your accomplishments and most importantly fully enjoy your moment.
Know your KPIs and pivot tables will be useful, the business world awaits! Love Renee and Drew


Congratulations! Words cannot express how proud I am of you and your achievements! This is such an exciting time in your life – one that is full of new opportunities and adventures! I am excited to see what you accomplish next. Enjoy the ride and always remember that your family is here to support you!

Love you!
Tia Lisa


Congratulations on your outstanding achievement. Your brilliant future lies in front of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you ever need anything. All the best in life to you!

Congratulations Diego! We have many fond memories of you through your childhood (including the travels and having the pleasure of seeing you score a goal from a goalie punt early in your career) and watching you mature into such a fine young man with an infectious smile and cool, respectful demeanor. Always remember life is the relationships you build. We are always here as one of them to support your endeavors. Oh the places you will go.

Love, The Varners

Diego, watching you move from the toddler years to boyhood to adolescence and now adulthood, all with the same smile and easygoing charm, has been a true pleasure. Congratulations to you on this outstanding achievement. Going forward, do not cheat yourself – take huge swings. You have all the ability in the world, and a support system to match, and everything is within your reach. Kampai!
The Oteras

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