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Edem, There’s a part of me that absolutely knows you could crush anything you set your mind to do. Don’t cut corners, don’t take the easy way out. I know you don’t do that in the gym. Work as hard in business as you do at the gym and you’ll be unstoppable! It’s hard to imagine the little child your mom brought to TKC is now graduating! Congratulations!

— Prof. Dawn Fotopulos


House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Notes for Edem


CONGRATS on your graduation! We are so very proud of you! This is one of the most remarkable milestones in your life and a major achievement. It is bitter sweet to realize (and keep to re-realizing) that you have grown from a charming munchkin into a grownup man!
Work hard, work smart and be courageous! Always remember that the sky is your limit. Dare to fly high!

With love,
Mom and Dad


There are no words to describe how proud I am of you! I have watched you work hard to achieve your goals, both academic and personal! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish as you begin your professional career. I know you can do anything you set your mind to 🙂

Every scientist needs her businessman…I love you so much!

Always yours,
Analisa Marie

P.S. A note from Ginger… “Congratulations…woof woof”

Dear Edem,

Congratulations on graduating! You are awesome! I’m very proud of you! May God bless your ways and opens the right doors. I wish you to find a fulfilling career path that would also give you financial independence. Don’t stop here and always move forward!

I love you a lot,
Abika Flyura

Dear Edem,

Congratulation with tremendous and important achievement of your life – getting an undergraduate degree!

The past years were filled with eventful student life, filled with numerous discoveries, obtained knowledge and unforgettable engagements.

The future holds a period of great achievements and independent, adult life. Life presents you with endless opportunities, and you posses unlimited capabilities!

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you happiness and love. Wishing you to find your place in life and devote yourself to your favorite endeavor. Wishing you to reach your goals and conquer all pinnacles, embrace your dreams, be always optimistic, happy person!

May God bless you in everything!

With love,
Deda Shamil and Jenny

Congratulations, Edem, on this big milestone in your life! We are proud of you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors as you begin a new chapter!

The Esposito Family
Mario, Anna, Daniela

Our dear first Grandson,

We cannot express our excitement for you graduating from college! We are so enormously proud of you!

May success and happiness always accompany you. May God protect you. We are praying for you!

With love,
Abika Zaytuna and Deda Khamza

Dear Edem,

Congratulations on successful graduation! You have passed another important milestone. Another significant step is done towards success and well-being.

I wish you continued advancement in your personal and professional development! May your life paths be unobstructed. Good luck!

Aunt Zaliya


Congrats on finally becoming apart of the big leagues. It was a hard journey and I was glad to have experienced it through my own eyes. Through our ups and downs, you have taught me so much and have proven to me that you are going to be just fine in this world. From late night gaming sessions, to long basketball sessions in the summer heat, to the many laughs we have shared, I am thankful to call you my friend.

Jose D Calixto

PS: I’m on the left btw.

Hey Edem,

Thank you so much for making school work project so much fun! I enjoyed working with you a lot in group projects. I always admire your enthusiastic attitude of always keep working hard even when times are difficult. Congratulations on your graduation. Best wishes!

Best regard,

Kassandra Quintana

I’ll never forgot your shocked look the first time when met, when I told you I had lived in Tashkent! Since that time, you’ve persevered and finished that degree. It hasn’t been easy, but then few things really worth it are easy. Keep working hard, congrats!


Edem, congrats on graduating! I’ll shout this to the moon and back, there is sincerely no more loyal soul out there than yours. There’s also no more loyal friendship out there than yours either. I look up to you brother, for your wisdom, for your stories, and for your example of strong character. Being able to be your roommate was awesome, and I’m so excited to see you grow next to Ana and to see where your story takes you.

Cheers, brother!

We are so proud of you little bro!
You are amazing inside and out and we know God has amazing plans for you. Always believe in yourself! You will move mountains!
~Esther & Steve

Hi Edem,

My owner wrote a note already but I wanted to add on. Thank you for taking me on walks and running around with me and playing fetch! I love every moment we spend together and always forget to give you personal space. I can’t believe you are officially graduating so if I ever need business advice, I know who to call (Although I probably won’t because I’m just a puppy). I love you with all the jumps and licks in the world!

With love from your favorite puppy,

Edem, it’s crazy to think that you’re done with college. It’s hard to think of you as anything other than an obnoxious high school student! Your deadpan delivery style sometimes made it hard to determine if you were asking something seriously or just to get my goat.

Regardless, you frequently had tremendously insightful and thought-provoking questions. Things that made me have to stop and ponder before i responded. You were always pushing and probing, sometimes to needle, but mostly to learn. I appreciated our early morning breakfasts and deep (and sometimes not deep, lol) conversations.

I have missed seeing you and watching you grow further. I believe that you have the capacity to do great things, and am praying that you find success while seeking God’s face!


Congrats on your achievement Edem! I’m happy to see you finally get out into the world and see what you become. We have shared many memories together playing basketball in the middle of no where to our morning bike rides to school. I’m happy to finally see those rides to high school have been worth it. You are one of the hardest workers I know, so it’s exciting to see you finally achieve one of your biggest goals. I hope you have nothing but success. Best of wishes!

Congratulations, young man! What an accomplishment and watershed moment for you and your family! It’s the end of a very significant chapter of your life and the start of a very promising new one.

If I may offer a few words perhaps as an encouragement:
1. Good or bad be grateful for what you’ve experienced up until now believing that in God’s wisdom and sovereignty everything that happened, that you did, that happened to you was allowed to shape you and mold you into the man you are today. Be grateful for your family. Be grateful for your friendships, be grateful for the good memories, and be even grateful for the trials. Gratitude will keep your heart tender and your soul fresh.

2. Your past does not define you. What defines you is the man that God created you to be. You are Chosen from eternity past created in God’s good and handsome image to be a Son of the King! Walk into your future with that awesome Truth!

3. Edem, you are a winsome young man who is blessed with God’s favor. I can see it! God’s favor is upon you and people respond to it. God has given you a tremendous gift of power and influence. And to quote Spiderman lol, “with great power comes great responsibility.”
Don’t let it burden you rather let it spur you on to love and good deeds because your God demonstrated His love for you through sacrifice and mercy.

God is with you, God is for you, God goes ahead of you, and God is your rear guard. Go into the next chapter with full expectancy that God will show up and show off as you walk trusting in His love for you and those whom you meet! Blessings and Congratulations!
~Pastor Tom

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