Elijah Hixon

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Eli, congrats on graduating! It’s been a joy having you in APTAP II and Constitutional Law of the Federal System, as well as playing ultimate frisbee with you in Prospect Park. Your passion for life is infectious, and you’ve made such a positive mark on the King’s community. Don’t be a stranger. Psalm 90:12.

— Dr. Joseph Griffith


  • A 3.5 GPA Average
  • A degree in PPE
  • Publius Exec Team
  • Events Coordination Team
  • Proud Member of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Founding Member of the Bergen Boys
  • Proud Big to Two Littles


  • Men’s Cross Country 2018-19


House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Notes for Elijah

Eli- thank you for always helping me on move-in day! You are a champ and leader in this school. Congrats on graduation!

Eli it’s been such a wild, fun ride being founding members of the Bergen Boys with you these last two years. From barely knowing you before you moved in to now, I’ve been so thankful for the encouragement and perspective you’ve brought to my life. Thanks for always being down to go to the park for frisbee or to Bruges for a Belgian waffle. Thanks for blasting the morning song and Battle Hymn of the Republic five levels above a reasonable volume. You’re one of the most encouraging and supportive guys I’ve ever met.

Dear Eli,
You are so incredible. I have loved getting to be in Publius with you. You bring so much to each meeting. Publius really will not be the same without you. Also, it is insane that you consider waking up at eight am “sleeping in.” I miss you already!

ELI! Congratulations! I’m so grateful to have gotten to know you so much better these last few months. I hope post-grad life can still include movie nights and so.many.salads.

One of the most hardworking and joyful people I know. Passionate about constitutional law, Roman war strategy, Childish Gambino, good coffee, and Brooklyn Tab choir music, you never fail to bring equal infectious enthusiasm and genuine care to all who have the privilege to know you. Thanks for following me around till I went out with you 🙂


Eli! Graduation is significant milestone in life because it marks an end and a beginning, a hinge point. Who you are will always be far important than what you do, but what you have done has shaped you who are! And who you are is a kind, humble, joyful man, full of curiosity, and committed to hard work. Those qualities will always serve you well. Be blessed!

Eli, through this year, I have been so blessed to see your spirit and drive for life. I have never met someone equally obsessed with Con Law as he is with football. Thanks for being a great study partner, football captain, world traveler, and friend. The LSAT is no match for you!

Elijah Oakes – You’ve always been a determined, independent adventurer, and I’m so proud of your accomplishments! But more importantly, your faith and kind heart glorify God, and that brings me endless joy. “…That they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3
All my love,

It’s pretty cool that I signed your kindergarten yearbook and now I am signing your college one.
Thank u for making the blue bottle days so fun and for always being so welcoming and positive.
Good luck with everything that you are up to!

Tbh- I think I knew you when I was small and I’m having a lot of fun with this whole year book signing thing. Best of luck to you now that you are big!

Eli! I’ll never forget your transformation during the first week of classes when you went from the mop-top to a clean-cut haircut and glasses. And that was the first transformation of many! I have seen you grow into an incredibly hard-working and humble student, servant, and friend. I hope your love for others continues to fuel everything you do. Love you man!

Eli!!! Thanks for all your corny jokes, for being the best powderpuff coach, stepping up for publius exec, and for just making life more fun. Will miss you being around, but at least I can rule the lion’s den now. Seriously though, I so appreciated getting to know you better this semester, and I wish you all the best in life!!

Eli Eli Eli! Can you believe we made it all the way from freshman year?! Your growth these past four years is truly inspiring. So thankful we got to experience Europe together in the most chaotic way 😉 Can’t wait for you to go to Ireland and get to fly on Aer Lingus 😉

Eli, master of the Hixons Fixens sandwhich, wielder of the dusty boxing gloves, shower singer of The Strokes. So glad to be graduating with you, and to be going on two years of living together after forgetting your name repeatedly when I was your neighbor sophomore year.

Excited to see what the future holds for us.

Eli, its been a pleasure to know you. Looking forward to continue seeing you around in the future and excited what you go forward to do in the field of law.

Eli, it’s been a joy to have you as part of Apostles Church and to start to get to know you. Excited for all that’s ahead of you. Congratulations on your graduation!

Congratulations Eli! It’s been a pleasure to get to know you. Great to see a man from Piedmont winning!

Eli, The Lion’s Den has witnessed the full transformation of our friendship. In 2019, a couple of strangers bumped into each other and held doors. In 2020, we lounged on the couches, watching Unusual Memes and frantically reading dozens of pages for Human Sexuality. In 2021, I gave up on doing homework and just bothered you and Zoe while you both tried to. 2020 Graeme had no idea what a joy the next 2+ years of living with COVID-exposed Oklahoma boy would be. You’ve been a constant force for growth, service, intentionality, and depth. You’ve cared for your House day in and day out, with and without leadership positions. You’ve embodied a constant challenge for excellence but are quick to encourage. I’ve been able to witness your trust in God through incredibly difficult times. Shoutout to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct for being absolutely useless in a real time of crisis. I’m honored to be called your roommate and thrilled to continue doing life alongside you. Love you.

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