Hayden Hill


Hayden, it was really terrific having you in the Meraki program. Excited to see what the future holds for you – Congratulations!

— Prof. Michael Hrynuik


  • President of the House of Ronald Reagan


House of Ronald Reagan

Notes for Hayden

Hayden, one of my favorite memories of my time at King’s so far was going to see “The Joker” with you in the theaters. It was my first semester here, and I thought, hopping on the subway to head home after the movie, if this is what students at King’s are like, I’m going to love it here. Thank you for all you’ve done for our community! Congrats on graduating! Don’t be a stranger.

When I look back on my 4 years here, you will always come to my head. You have been the most amazing friend to me and I will never forget it. Cannot wait to celebrate your wedding this summer

Congrats, Hayden! You’ve accomplished much in your short time here, your future is bright for sure!

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