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Ireland, How glad I am that you are a member of our community and soon to be an alumna! Congratulations on finishing strong and I wish you all the blessings your heart can hold for your future.

— Prof. Dawn Fotopulos


  • The Kings College Presidential Scholarship
  • The Fashion Society Org Social Media Director (2020-2022)
  • Varsity Women’s Basketball
  • Assistant to Producer/Stylist Intern at FTL Moda


House of Clara Barton

Notes for Ireland

my first college bestie. love you with all of my heart and grateful to have had you during some of the best four years of our entire lives!

I am so proud of all you’ve accomplished! I am so grateful for your friendship to Abigail, and have loved getting to know you. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for future because I know it will be great! I’d you’re ever in Arkansas, you better come see me! ❤️

Ireland! So proud of you & so grateful to have met you freshman year, and to have had you in my life since then. So excited to see what’s in store for you in the next couple years & can’t wait to hear about it all. ❤️

We are so proud to be your grandparents. We pray that you have a successful happy life ahead of you.
We will be at your commencement
Papa and Nanny

IRELAND, my Arnie, my little foot, my favoritist Ireland ever. I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished, dreams sought after, friendships made and kept, your happy-go-lucky attitude towards life. What an amazing experience to be in the heart of the financial district in New York City attending The Kings College. The amazing opportunities you have had with your college professors, internships, volunteer positions and various work positions. Without a doubt, God placed you there for a specific reason to bless you and stretch you. You have entered trials in this life and God has made you stronger and faithful and carry you through. I’m so excited to see what next the Lord has in store for your life and the opportunities to come. I love you so much babe, momma-leigh <3

I’m so proud of you and i’m so glad i get to call you my best friend and my sister. CONGRATULATIONS SISSY!!

You have come so far since freshman year and I’m so proud of your growth. Some of my favorite memories of the last 4 years are nights with you and I’m grateful to call you my friend. I can’t wait to see all the incredible things you’ll accomplish in this next chapter of your life. I believe in you and I am rooting for you, always. I hope you know I’ll always be a call away, no matter where or when! Love always – Nathan

Thanks for the chegg. Couldn’t have done stats without u! P.s you have the best sister ever!

‘Oh, the places you’ll go!’ Best wishes for a bright future! Love from your former neighbors on 13th street!

Congratulations, Ireland! I pray the Lord blesses you with vision and clarity for this next season of your life. Continue to be the beautiful light that you are.

Congratulations Ireland! I can’t believe the four years has gone by already. I’m so excited for you and your next steps in life’s adventure. Wishing you all the best and much joy as you continue to succeed and grow and navigate all the paths and doors in front of you. Cheers to you and all that you have accomplished already.
Much love,
Beth (Auntie Beth once removed) Gracely

Congratulations Ireland!!! Wonderfull accomplishment! I really appreciate your perseverance. Beautiful photograph too! Let’s have a big dinner and party when you’re back in Carmel. Best wishes! Heidi and Ron

Ireland, I am so proud of the wonderful young lady you have become. You have so many strengths and gifts, and I trust you will use them to love others in all you do. I have no doubt you will be able to do whatever you set your mind to, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the beautiful things, the opportunities the places, and most importantly the people that God puts in your life. I love you! Dad

Dear Ireland, Congratulations sweetheart…what a great accomplishment! We’re so proud of you honey, and all the amazing things you’ve accomplished in these last four years…school, work, travel and memories you’ll always cherish in the the big apple. Now real life starts in a new way, and I know you will be successful in whatever direction you chose. We pray God’s will, guidance, and His blessing on this next part of your journey. Seek Him and He will guide your every step. Love you sweetie, Gram and Papa Paul

Ireland, in these next few weeks you’ll hear congratulations and good job. It’ll seem like the closing of a chapter, but these last four years were actually just the beginning and this is your story continuing. While you’ll trek out to explore more of the world, or settle down and begin your first “real” job, you will be using everything that you have learned both skills and experiences alike. You will continue to grow and continue to learn. This is a journey and may God continue to bless your adventure. ❤️ Jon, Jess and the boys

Ireland! You’ve worked so hard. This is an accomplishment worthy of great celebration. You know what we should do? Let’s all go to Israel and Greece together to celebrate 🙂 Congrats – we are proud of you.

Ireland! Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we traveled to visit The Kings College and now you are a Business Management graduate! So proud of all your hard work. I know you have embraced NY and the whole college experience. May God bless and guide your continued journey.
Much love,
Auntie Heidi

Congratulations Ireland!! Your accomplishment is so worthy to be celebrated! So celebrate!!! May the the Lord bless you in this next season with His presence, peace and joy!
Much love from the Heassler family!

Congratulations Ireland. I always knew you could do it! Keep working hard!

Dearest Ireland,

Congratulations! May God bless you in your future pursuits with the preparation of King’s College in your heart and mind.

You are always welcome here and to join us “making Ss” on the mountain. Free the heel, free the soul (sole)!

“The Lord is holy.
Let not the man of learning boast in his understanding,
Nor let the man of might boast in his might,
Nor let the man of riches boast in his riches.
Only let the one who boasts boast in this:
To understand and to know the Lord
And to do justice and righteousness in the midst of the earth.”

God spede sweetheart,
Untle Butt

Dear Ireland, Big congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments over the last four years. I’ve always enjoyed being included in your family events and watching you grow up into a stunning & accomplished young woman. Sending all the best wishes for a bright & fun future. Go out into the world to conquer all your goals.
Love, Grandma B (Brenda)

Ireland, meeting you was a breath of fresh air, the world is in your hands. I believe in you, the future is yours.
Love, Kim Kim

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