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Joey, congratulations on your graduation. Best of luck in your crypto career.

— Dr. Kimberly Reeve


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Notes for Joseph

Congratulations my Son, so proud of you. May all of your future endeavors be blessed. Love Dad

My dude, you made it! Congrats. An even better achievement– you qualified for Capsim Finals. Glad we got the chance to beat other grad students in the marketplace of mobile phone sensors.

Congratulations Joseph!
You graduated college.
I am in shock.
Haha, just kidding!
This is the best Mothers Day present ever!
I love you no matter what:)

Congratulations Joey! Soon your hard work will pay off, and if you’re going into crypto it’ll really pay off! Love you buddy.

Broseph my brother, Im so proud of you and the man you have become. Over the years I have seen you flourish into the charismatic baller you are today. Stay true to yourself, chase that bag, and congratulations on completing your college education! You’re an elite specimen, It’s only the beginning

Congrats Joseph,
We are so proud of you !
Your future is so bright keep shinning !
Love you so much !

Sheeeesh, cuz. You’re a big boy now. Congrats on your graduation. I already know you’re going to do amazing things in life. Always remember you will always have family to love and support you in your journey!

Godspeed, Best wishes, and buy low/sell high baby!

Your cuz,

I’m so proud of who you are, and who you continue to grow to be. You really are your own person, and I can’t say I’ve met anyone quite like you❤️ Your sense of determination and dedication is what is going to get you far in life- something a lot of people don’t have.

Grateful to have found you- I’ll always be here for you no matter what..
Love you ❤️

Love , Ava

Congratulations! You are the most kind hearted, unique, hard working person that I know of…Glad we met at the monastery and I know that bright opportunities are coming your way, God bless and keep you.



Congratulations, I wish you much love and success in all you do in life… I am so happy to have met you and got to know you. You are a unique, determined young man and I wish you all good things in life. Always stay true to who you are…

Love Lisette 💙

Joey keep chasing your dreams always remember when things get tough there’s always one more thing you can do to make those dreams come true. I know you will succeed in anything you want to accomplish. Congrats.

My handsome grandson. I am so proud of you in all of your accomplishments.
A new chapter begins on your journey . You have a brilliant mind and wonderful. Use it well to achieve all your dreams and goals as I know you will. And when you become rich and famous don’t forget your grandma.
Love you and may God Bless you!!

A Poem for My Son

The seasons fade, as does childhood.
Hopeful thoughts, dreams that would,
Inspire the future with all that could.
A darkened cloud, murmers just aloud,
Sometimes it seems uncertain,
the future is veiled behind a temple curtain.
For some they fear,
begging thoughts that the end is near.

“FEAR NOT” says our Lord.

In Him we can rest assured.

He chose you perfectly for this time.
Think of those who in their prime,
struggled with war, famine and crime.
Joseph who into slavery was sold,
whose land was struck with famine untold.
Joseph whose faith was shook,
the precious body of our Lord he took,
Placed him in a tomb, while sorrow and dread did loom.
Behold, the Lord overcomes.
Amid the darkness, light blossoms.

Christ our God will not forsake.
With you in your heart you must take,
The faith, the prayer; remain awake.
Through all the ages ther’ve been times of fear,
But Christ our God is always near.

He chose you for such a time as this,
Dont worry when things seem amiss.
To Jesus you must cling,
Of His victory the angels do sing.
He crushes Satan in the end, the evil ones glory is all pretend.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
His victory was then, is now, and will be forever. In this we have no sorrow.

Live your life without compromise,
Do what’s right in God’s eyes.
Forsake the world and its foolish games,
and all the darkness goes up in flames.

One season fades, a bright new one begins,
Stick with Christ, in the end, HE WINS.

My little bubby you’re graduating!! Do you remember the story mom always tells about when she brought you home from the hospital and she was all worried I was going to be a bully to you and I went up to you and say shh baby go night night , point is I’ve loved and cared for you from the moment I met you! I’ll always be here to support you with whatever you do. You’ll always be my best friend and I’m so proud of you.

Love you
Your sister Jaelle

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