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Cum Laude
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Kaitlyn, it has been a joy to get to know you, and an honor to teach you and behold your growth as an artist and a person. You always modeled a servant heart to all of us, and helped build our little musical theatre department from where it was to where it is now. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to each and every show. You are a blessing to everyone who gets to work with you, and I pray you see it at least as much as we do, and way beyond. Congratulations!

— Prof. Virginia Pike


  • Technical Director for The King’s Players (2020-2021)
  • Stage Manager for [title of show] and Crashing into Silence
  • Assistant Stage Manager for Songs for a New World


House of Corrie ten Boom

Notes for Kaitlyn

Congratulations Kaitlyn! You have been such a joy to have in our community. I have loved the passion you have brought to everything you do, and for unapologetically being yourself. All the best in your future undertakings!

Kaitlyn !! You DID IT!!!! I hate that our time together was so brief but I truly loved getting to know you over the fall semester and through Carousel. You have a wonderful sense of wit and your taste in music is fantastic. Chatting with you is so easy because you’re open to listening as much as you are to talking. I wish you nothing but the best – which includes as many concerts with your dad as possible 🙂

Kaitlyn, congratulations! Thanks for being among the friendliest souls I’ve ever met. It was a pleasure being able to talk to you about the musicals you love and the artists you admire on stage. You’re an oasis of bright light in a sea of darkness. Keep being you, cheers!

Kaitlyn! I will always be so thankful for your friendship, especially the begin of freshman year. You have been such a consistent friend, regardless of how much time it’s been and you bring SO much joy to me <3

Congrats Kaitlyn! Thanks for introducing the masterpiece that is Over the Garden Wall to me and making quarantine fall 2020 an actually fun time! You are a gem and I wish you all the best!

Dear friend,

Congrats on graduating! You are key to so many of my best memories in NYC and I am so grateful our paths crossed at school! (It won’t let me put musical note emojis around that, please pretend they’re there. #dearoldshiz) I love your passion for the things you love most, from PJO to theater to your most favorite books. Thanks for being my Little Women date and my post-show cheesecake pal. Love you, love you, love you!

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