Kaleigh Webb

Media, Culture, and the Arts

Magna Cum Laude

Congratulations, Kaleigh! You have served your House and the King’s community well. Thank you for you constant joy, contagious laughter, and carefully crafted community during your Helmsman year. The House of SBA will deeply miss our personal hype woman! Looking forward to dancing with you at Alum events!

— Megan Lassiter


  • Email Marketing Intern at Full Funnel Growth
  • Brand and Media Intern at The Smithee Group
  • Fashion Marketing Intern at Stemp Apparel
  • House of Susan B. Anthony Helmsmen (2020-2021)
  • President’s List Scholar (Spring 2021)
  • Dean’s List Scholar (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020)
  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship


House of Susan B. Anthony

Notes for Kaleigh

Kaleigh! You were one of my first friends here, and I’ll always be grateful that my welcome to NYC was full of your laughter, love, and ridiculous jokes. I’m so proud of the whole, butt-kicking woman you’ve become this year. I love you dearly, friend.

Kaleigh, you are the poster child for Kings College, not only did you thrive there, but you excelled. Your vivacious spirit and incredible talent has propelled you from a successful academia life to a real world career full of endless opportunies. You have a way of inspiring those around you and taking a successful endeavor to another dimension. I’ve always believed in you, and have seen who you’re becoming when you were the fun loving 8 year old who started her own business with her momma and meema selling bottle cap necklaces, who brought love and laughter to our family of five, to taking mundane things to places most people only dream of. I’m so stinking proud of you. I’ve always said everyone should have a daughter, especially one like you, and I’m an excited dad who gets to enjoy your many successes. Congrats!!! Look forward to seeing, sharing and celebrating every step of your incredible life!!!!

Kaleigh, I am already crying
I love you so much and am so so so very proud of you. We have both made it so far and had so many ups and downs together, but we made it through. You are my best friend, my supporter, my encourager, my big, and someone who always pushes me to do my best. It feels like I have known you for so much longer than 2 years, and you have pushed me to be a bigger and better, and more adventurous person. I love you the mostest and can’t wait for the several more adventures we have together. I can’t imagine life without u
You worked so hard for this, so congrats and I am so glad I get to graduate with you!

Hi Kaleigh,

Congrats on your graduation. You continue to impress me with your accomplishments, as well as your quick wit. May God be with you as you embark on your future endeavors.

All the best,
Drew Richardson

Seeing you walk through the halls of King’s always made my day. Your bubbly spirit and smile truly made The King’s College a more welcoming place. Your servant’s heart and love of people is admirable and seen throughout so many aspects of your life. I am so dang proud of you and am thankful to share alumni status from both Impact AND Kings with you now. 🙂

SOOOOOO many congrats on you OFFICIALLY graduating! You’re such a fun human, a joy to be around, and an honor to know. You have been so so kind and welcoming to me this year, cant thank you enough. Continue to Bless UP, so much love ❤️

Kaleigh, congratulations. I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had and without King’s and our time there, we would have never met. I’m so lucky to know you and have gotten to know you and can’t wait to spend the years to come looking back on all of our sweet memories. You’re the greatest and all who know you have seen it. I love you always!

Congratulations Kaleigh! May God continue to direct your steps and make your path straight. Keep shining bright!

Much love,
LeeAnn Richardson

Congrats Kaleigh!! You are my best friend, I love you! So happy I got to be there from you moving to New York, going to school, graduating, and shooting for the stars! I will always be there, cheering you on, no matter how far in the world we are from each other. Excited to see what the future holds for you, i know it’s bright! ✨

Congrats and happy graduation Kaleigh!!! Been such a pleasure working with and getting to know you and I’m so excited to see how you grow at FFG! We are so so so lucky to have you on the team. Thanks for always bringing your bubbly energy to make our work more enjoyable. Keep doing you bubblegum grapefruit queen!!!!


I’m so happy that I got to meet you this past year. You’ve been amazing! I’m so happy for you; congratulations on your graduation. Celebrate every moment of it. You definitely deserve it!

Congrats, Kaleigh! So happy for you and excited for the incredible things ahead of you!🎉🙌🏻

I am so proud to call you my niece! You are a shining star everywhere you go and to all who know you! Congrats on your graduation! Love you with all my ❤!!

Hey Kaleigh Girl!!! Congratulations!!! So proud of you….Magna Cum Laude! You are a rockstar and a very favorite of mine!! I love you so much and pray for the very best for you in everything!! Huge hugs from the Oliphant’s!!

My Dear Kaleigh!!!
Here you are… celebrating another great accomplishment! CONGRATS!!!🎉. Altho’ I am not there, be sure that I am cheering! (I’m certain you can hear me all the way from CO!!!). Just WOW!!! You are an amazing young lady!!!… full of life and adventure and have such a good heart! Whatever is next…. Be assured that God has great plans for you!!!… and your mema can’t wait to see what He has for you!!!… and I’ll be proudly cheering for you all the way!!! I love you and sooo proud of you!!! Celebrate!!!👩‍🎓🎉❤️ “Mema”

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