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Cum Laude
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Kiera, I have loved having you as a student and fellow traveler. Your heart for service and love for the arts that is an inspiration to all who know you!

— Dr. Robert Carle


  • Deans List throughout the years
  • Fall Winner of King’s Cinema Society Film Competition
  • Wrote a feature film and wrote/directed a short film
  • Creative directed a fashion editorial published in Flanelle Magazine
  • Soho House Mentorship Fellow
  • Creative Futures Collective fellow
  • Internship at Code and Theory
  • Inaugural member of the Met Collective – The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Kunal Pradhan Scholarship Recipient for Oxford Centre for Fantasy Writing Course @ Merton College, Oxford University
  • Volunteer at St Paul’s House soup kitchen/ministries
  • Intern/Fellow in Moving Picture Institute placement program (pending)
  • Actively caring out ministry with my church
  • Student Senator
  • Orientation Leader
  • Founder/Director of New School Stories documentary series
  • Speaker at the 100 Years New Festival
  • Improv club
  • Founder of the Filmmaker’s Collective at TNS


House of Corrie ten Boom

Notes for Kiera

Kiera, I hardly know how to encourage you – you are already on such an incredible path with all the projects you’ve put your hands to. Your creativity, passion, professionalism, hard work, and bottomless kindness will be so missed here. I’m so grateful for the conversations and collaboration we’ve already had, and I hope that there will be much more in the future!! Huge congratulations!!

Kiera, you have been such a delight to have in the King’s community, and as a part of ten Boom. You are a woman of diverse talents, and you neither hide away from them, nor do you shout them out for the world to know and see, you simply own them and steward them to the best of your ability, faithfully pursuing your dreams. We need more Kiera’s in the world, women who are hard working, motivated, willing to take risks, and kind and humble as they do it. All the best in everything you do.

Kiera, I have loved getting to know you these past couple of years and I’m so encouraged by your love for Jesus and your desire to live your life solely for His audience! You have worked so hard and I am immensely proud of you–congrats, friend!! I look forward to cheering for you on Saturday and seeing all the wonderful plans God has in store for your future. Keep using your creative talents for His glory–you bring light, truth, and beauty to this world <3 May God surprise you in the best way during this new chapter of life–wishing you all the best!

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33)

It has been great getting to know you. Continue to celebrate your many successes and keep being you!
– Connor Dean

Dear Kiera,
It has been a joy getting to know you ever since the first ten Boom picnic this year. My favorite memories of you are walks at fall retreat, swapping tea bags (I am so obsessed with Harney & Sons’ Paris tea now!), prepping for my tea party, and introverting with me at Galentines. You are so incredibly talented and driven while also simultaneously so caring and willing to take time for others. Your love for people, God, and life is so palpable. You bring so much positive energy to everything you do. I hope we will drink tea together many more times in the future! <3

My dear Kiera!! You are an absolute gem!! Christ just absolutely shines through you, you’re a joy to be around. I shall miss you and your fabulous outfits my dear friend!!

Kiera….AKA ‘Kee-Kee’

Words can’t express how proud we are of all of your accomplishments. I’m confident that Paw Paw is looking down smiling over what an amazingly beautiful,intelligent, talented, Christian young lady you have grown into. Keep your chin up and shoulders back as you step into the next journey of this thing called life.

Best wishes
We love you
Uncle Lamar & Sana

Kiera, you just got here, I can’t believe you’re leaving us already! Your heart is so precious and your talents incredible. Such a rare gem, we at King’s are so blessed to have gotten to have you in our sphere for at least a couple of years. May the Lord uphold you tight with His Righteous Right Hand and lead you to many great and inspiring ventures!


Congratulations cousin! I’m beyond proud and excited for you! I can’t wait to see what amazing and beautiful things you do moving forward. I love you and once again congrats

Kiera! You are one of the coolest people I have ever met! I know you are gonna do big things and I am so excited to see all that you accomplish. Thank you for sharing your light with this community, we are blessed by it! Congratulations!

Kiera Sarelle:

I knew you were special from the very first moment I took you to a house of worship as a three month old. You didn’t cry, you didn’t make noise… instead you looked around at everything with eyes full of wonder and curiosity.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed an expansion in your curiosity and your ability to capture the essence of what you must appreciate in any situation. Even when you have been distressed, you have found ways to experience the positive elements of the circumstance.

Now as you stand at the precipice of a lifetime that awaits you with more amazing opportunities and knowledge to be acquired, I sit back proudly knowing that God allowed me a small part to play in guiding and watching you become the phenomenal servant leader you are today.

As you leap from the precipice and fly forward into the remaining adventure of your life, Matthew 6:33 will keep you soaring high.

I love you immensely, and I’m extremely proud of you!

Uncle Bobe

Kiera!!! Congratulations! Ten Boom will not be the same without you. I love you with my whole heart, and will keep praying for all the beautiful, terrifying, exciting choices you are making concerning your future! You are driven, smart, dripping creativity, and most importantly, Godly. Everything you do is a testimony to that :). I wish you all the best!

You are such a gentle, kind, and sweet person. You march to your own beat and I love it! You are so genuine and real. Also your long, flow-y dresses are always iconic. It has been lovely getting to know you this past year. Congratulations!!

Kiera, if a ray of sunshine could grow arms and legs and a killer sense of style, it might be you. Your joy is contagious and your work ethic is stunning. Every bit of your life is a testament to bravery and Christ’s love. I’m so grateful to have met you this year; you make the hallways kinder just by showing up. I can’t wait for our coffee date!!

Aaaah Kiera congratulations!! You are so talented and beautiful and hardworking. And above all, you have a heart of gold. I’m so glad that God gave me the chance to know you. And I can’t wait to see what amazing things you’ll do in the future!

Dear Kiera,

You are such a beautiful radiant human and have already accomplished so many amazing things. I am so in awe of your spirit, and it is a joy to witness you flourish in this world. Congratulations on this milestone, I am cheering you on always. <3
-Emily Z

Dear Kiera, you are so bright and accomplished. I am grateful to have gotten to know you a bit better this year because you’re so cool and the joy of the Lord radiates from your soul. I’m praying for you as you embark on this next phase, and I know God will continue to carry you in His faithfulness!

Innovative, resiliant, loving, and kind words that only partially give an overview into the beautiful young woman we have watched you become. As you move into the next chapter of your life are best advice to you: keep an open mind, cheerful heart, watchful eye, and know that we always here for you❤.

Innovative, resiliant, loving, and kind words that only partially give an overview into the beautiful young woman we have watched you become. As you move into the next chapter of your life our best advice to you: keep an open mind, cheerful heart, watchful eye, and know that we always here for you❤.

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