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Olivia, I’m glad you chose our English program at King’s to finish out your college career. It was great fun to have you in the medieval literature class, and may the lines you memorized from Chaucer stay with you forever! Congrats!

— Dr. Ethan Campbell


  • House of Susan B. Anthony Social Media Associate (2021-2022)


House of Susan B. Anthony

Notes for Olivia

Liv your an absolute champ! Easily one of my favorite people I’ve got to know lately. Congrats!!!

Congratulations Liv! I’m so proud of you having a goal and doing the hard work to achieve it! I know you will go far! Love you!

Olivia, you are kind, dedicated, and attentive — wishing you all the best in this new season!

Liv, we are so proud of you and your hard work and dedication to accomplishing your goals! We wish we could be there to see you walk in person, but please know that we are there in spirit and will be watching online! Can’t wait for you to come home!!! 💕

Congratulations Liv! Best wishes in whatever your next steps in life are!


To have such a great friend surrounding Noelle is a prayer answered!! But the fact that I know get to call you my friend too?! A true blessing.

All the love for you girl! So excited for what is to come.


geez louise Olivia i don’t even know where to begin

you were the first person that I got to know in the city, and you quickly became someone so important to me. Even after spending two weeks of quarantine together in such a small room, we didn’t end up hating each other which is a good sign. We are such opposites, I am honestly surprised we get along so well, but I think that that is for the better. We are always pushing each other to do our best and to stand up for ourselves, to take on new adventures, and to be the best version of ourselves we can be. I couldn’t make it these last two years without you and I am just so so glad I know you.
I love you so so much and am so glad God put you in my life. From when I first met you, you have grown so much and that is just something so cool to see. Thanks for always rooting for me, and know I will always be rooting for you

I absolutely know u are going to kill it in all that you do, and I can’t wait to be aside you through all of the struggles and all of the triumphs

love u so very much, Olivia

not broken just bent <3 and here is our first ever photo together ( which is so embarrassing because we are literally so different now) !!! and in two days we'll be walking the asile together. So proud of us

actually it wont let me submit the pic lol so here is a cute photo of us with our besties instead

Olivia you had a dream and you lived it! Congratulations on a job well done! Looking forward to the next chapter and where it will take you. We love you!, Mom & Dad

Olivia, it’s been such a privilege to get to know you over the past year (plus some remote Ethics Zoom calls and something about Instagram DMs?). Your heart is big, your intellect sharp, your faith deep, and your love inimitable. You care so deeply and sacrifice so quickly for your friends. I’m always impressed by the effort and detail you put into your work. You’ve navigated a lot this year but I’m so thankful to see where God is taking you. SBA (esp the 5th floor at DeVos) and the business office especially will miss your presence next year. So, so happy and excited for you. 🙂 Let’s get drinks or something soon, okay?

OLIVIA JO, you beautiful, exotic bird!!!!! To say I’m proud of the trailblazing and fearless woman you are would be an UNDERSTATEMENT (clap on every syllable of the word ok?for effect, you see)! You are the picture of resilience. I love your heart, your work ethic, and your compassion. Your empathy for those around you is deeply moving, and the way you have navigated these last few years has been an absolute masterpiece for me to watch. Congratulations to my best friend and kindred spirit. I’m so excited to see where this all goes 🙂 “it’ll be so interesting to see where we are a year from now…”
Also, you’re hot.

What a beautiful thing it is to know you and love you Liv. And now I get to congratulate you for graduating!! Thank you for being a dear friend, a role model, and my nyc buddy. Your growth is inspiring, and I’m very excited to see how you’ll keep digging deep and blooming.
Love you heaps and bounds!
(PS: I second the above statement – you are indeed hot.)

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