Tonks Hough

Media, Culture, and the Arts

One day I think we’ll be playing a video game you helped write and develop! Best wishes to you in your next chapter.

— Prof. Paul Glader


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship


House of Susan B. Anthony

Notes for Tonks

Tonks! Dad and I are so proud of you and can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you next. He has good plans for you!! I hope I can figure out video games so I can play the games you design. 😊 Love, Mum

Congratulations granddaughter! We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. How we wish we could attend your graduation festivities. We will be watching the live stream of graduation Saturday morning.
We love you so much!

A wonderful achievement Tonks! Very proud of you. How we wish we could be there, but this 82 year old body just isn’t cooperating right now. Hope and pray your time with your mom, brother and cousin will be a joy. Love you. GT

Congratulations, sib! ^^ Looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you!

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Enjoy every minute of being celebrated! Love, The Cooks

Congratulations Tonks! We are so happy for you! And what a BEAUTIFUL picture of you!! I LOVE your hair and your smile! You exude beauty in the inside and out. God bless you and guide your each and every step. Our love to you, Bob and Chris Gordon

This is awesome! Congratulations graduate!!🎉🎉🎉 I love seeing this pic of you and hope to see you in real life to hear about your program. Lots of years of hard work! So proud of you and excited for what comes next. Continuing to cheer for you Tonks.
Elizabeth and all the boys

TONKS!! You did it! Congratulations on the great milestone of your college graduation!🎉🎉 I praise God for your compassionate and creative heart, your intelligent mind, and sweet spirit. May He use you in great ways as you go forth. I’m proud of you! With love and a big hug, Mrs. Loaney

Tonks!! This is a HUGE accomplishment! We are so proud of all your hard work. Way to go!! We are so expectant for all God has in store for you in this next chapter! He has gifted you in amazing ways! We truly celebrate YOU!! Much love, Lyndsay and the Borages

I can’t help but reflect on your God given gifts that became apparent to me while entering Narnia through Nana and Grandpa T’s coat closet or reading “Invasion of the Puffballs”! Your creativity and imagination will continue to inspire us all as you pursue your next life adventure fully equipped from your hard work in college. Congratulations honey on this accomplishment. Praying God’s best for you always. Much love, Kodi

Time has just flown by, it seems! Mark and I are SO proud of you! We have watched you grow up and now you are off to many more adventures!
We wish you God’s very best blessings in this brand new season.
Congratulations! ❤️❤️

What a milestone college graduation is! Congratulations!!
We have watched you grow up and now you are off to the next big adventure!
We are so very proud of you and wish God’s greatest blessings for your future.

I’m so proud of you for finishing the race!! The future is so bright for you and I love you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations Tonks on your graduation from Kings!! So happy for you!
Another chapter begins!!

Congratulations Tonks!! 🎉 I know you have worked so hard and you did it!! God has been with you throughout your time at The King’s College. Looking forward to what God has planned for you after graduation. Enjoy your celebration! 💕 Christy Fairlamb

Congratulations Tonks!! You did it. What an amazing accomplishment!🎊🎈🎉. Wow a college graduate woohoo!! I can’t wait to see where God leads you next.

Tonks! Mom and I are so proud of you and excited to see the doors that God will open next in your life! He has been with you through your time at King’s and He will be with you going forward! Congratulations on achieving this milestone!
Love Dad 😊

The entire Hayes family is so proud of you and your accomplishments. As long as we’ve known you, we could tell that you were driven and would accomplish your goals. Way to go Tonks! Looking forward to watching another Star Trek movie with you! 🙂

Tonks, congratulations on the end of one incredible journey and the first steps toward a new one. May you be encouraged, refreshed, and have eyes that see how many people love and support you.

Congratulations Tonks! You did it🥳🎉You have accomplished a huge milestone! All the best in the next chapter! Much Love, Cousin Tammy

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